1. Opera is one of the most powerful and fastest Internet browsers where you can browse websites quickly and open websites that use modern technologies such as Css3 and HML5, supports browser work with all operating systems including Windows 10 and Windows 8 and others, Opera browser supports unlimited number From windows in a single window, preventing annoying ads and pop-ups from appearing, watching high-quality videos and movies from YouTube, easily opening social networking sites, and saving login and password for websites. Opera’s browser has a smooth and simple interface

    Opera Browser

    It maintains your privacy and protects your personal data from hackers. It is easy to conduct banking and business transactions through e-shopping sites with complete security. The browser stores the sites that have been browsed for ease of reference again and the possibility of working a list of the most important websites that you visit regularly for the speed of opening them at any time. Opera browser is admired by millions of users around the world and has won many international awards and you can scan the effects of surfing the Internet such as cookies and cookies to protect privacy, you can protect your copy of the free browser Uber wonderful to enjoy the fast browsing sites The web has been updated and added to the pdf file reader to quickly open files without changing them and notify you when you receive messages on your e-mail and easy to synchronize between open tabs for different computers.

    Opera Browser 41

    The new version of Opera 49

    1. Improve browser interface and browser performance.

    2. Click the Pages, Favorites, and Browsing History buttons.

    3 – Add the latest news in the world of the world famous sites.

    4. Activate and improve the performance of the button to activate and reload the page quickly.

    5 – Do not close the browser while downloading files.

    6. Do not support reloading files after restarting the page.

    7 – Do not open some of the electronic pages during the operation of Adblock.

    8. Play videos on the side of the screen only.

    9 – Get alerts from the email and social networking sites.

    10 – Turn on the power save mode while the device is not operating.

    11 – the possibility of changing the browser background to the orange color.

    12- When running the ad blocker does not show the history of browsing YouTube.

    13 – fix the problems of automatic completion when writing the browser.

    14. Adblock rules are still active although removed from the list.

    Information about the Opera version of the computer

    Software version: Opera 49.0 Build 2725.34

    Date of issue: November 2017

    Developer: Opera Software

    Official site: opera.com

    Software Size: 37.7 MB

    Language of the program: Supports many languages

    Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

    Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8

    Software license: FREE

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